KI.m: Professional Mentorship Chatbot

A professional AI mentor that can equip you with the leadership skills you need.


The Problem

It is no secret that a good mentor is like a rare gem – hard to find and very valuable. Between the sheer volume of consultancy services to sift through and high consultation rates, many people struggle to find the mentorship and guidance they need to grow their leadership skills. This leads to a large portion of the career-oriented lot unable to truly watch their careers grow despite wanting to climb that corporate ladder.

Sometimes all we need is an effective mentor.

Our Approach


During our brainstorming process, it was important for us to consider which cloud service we should use for an AI chatbot. The following sessions mostly focused on which Sentient Analysis and Intent Recognition models to integrate and how to integrate them with IBM’s Watson Assistant, which was the cloud service we used. Towards the end, we discussed the results of the employed Machine Learning (ML) models with the client. 


Post-brainstorming sessions with the client, we configured the back-end and front-end functionalities together at a competitive price.

Furthermore, we developed an interface for the client for convenient testing as a goodwill gesture.


Through an iterative testing process we tested the shortlisted models for Sentiment Analysis and Intent Recognition and compared their results. The ones with the best results and the ability to make the entire process seamless for the user, made it to our final pipeline.

Our Solution

Imagine having an AI Mentor in the palm of your hand to help you reach the pinnacle of your Leadership skills.

KI.m, a Proof of Concept (POC) for an AI-enabled chatbot that serves as a virtual mentor for professionals who want to polish their leadership skills. Accessible anytime, anywhere; right in the palm of your hand.

This chatbot is designed to equip you with problem solving skills to help you excel in day-to-day professional decision making. A customized roadmap is provided to you which breaks down the entire process into daily tasks, goals and advice.

The driving force behind KI.m, the Intent Recognition models gauge your needs based on your words and the Sentiment Analysis models analyze how you are feeling, be it frustrated, overwhelmed or even underconfident. Based on how you are feeling, KI.m then changes the approach it takes with you for mentoring.

Your back and forth conversations with KI.m can be through typing or even talking, as we have powered it with Speech-to-Text/ Text-to-Speech functionality.


We wouldn't have been able to tackle this problem if it wasn't for all the amazing tech out there!