It started with a dream of putting Pakistan at the forefront of AI and ML innovation

We are a solution-oriented startup which incorporates cutting-edge ML, AI and GD technologies in curating long-lasting value-added solutions for our clients.


Brothers and ITU alumni, Qasim and Hamid Ali always felt the need for advancement in progressive technologies like Artificial Intelligence in Pakistan. Being home to exceptionally talented individuals, Pakistan is unable to provide the resources which can enable our young talent to thrive professionally.

In 2019, they set the foundational stone for Quid Sol which is emblematic of that dream to cultivate a space which would provide the resources to build a community that thrives on collaboration between clients and resources. 

Today, Quid Sol is a well-knit team of creative and technical brains. With one collective goal in mind of enabling Pakistan to be technologically progressive, QUIDS is here to stay.


Our problem solving approach is driven by a carefully curated process of brainstorming, innovation and iteration. We strive for the best, and that can only be achieved through continuous improvement.

The gears in our logo represent that iterative improvement and innovation. Four gears represent four services: Machine Learning, Game Development, Web Development and Creative Design. All of these work harmoniously as individual cogs to keep the QUIDS machine thriving.


Apart from listening to podcasts, Qasim enjoys Catan, Agricola and self-help books.

Qasim Ali

Co-Founder and Game Development Lead

With a talent for doodling, Hamid is passionate about building things and exploring the unknown.

Hamid Ali

Co-Founder and Machine Learning Lead

A Lahori who’s breaking the norm with his dislike for biryani! He plays DOTA in his free time.

Hassan Iqbal

Senior Game Developer

A man of few words, Talha is our residing CPO (Chief Punishment Officer). Don’t tell him though, we think he’s the nicest!

Talha Ahmad

Senior ML Engineer

Secretly a prankster, Fizah is your go-to person for crypto knowledge.

Fizah Khalid

Senior ML Engineer

Tayyab loves cracking jokes and wearing his Bring-Me-Thanos tee to the office. Legend says he has two!

Tayyab Bilal

ML Engineer

As a quiet guy, Adam has a knack for surprising people with his exceptional coding skills.

Muhammad Adam Ghumman

Game Developer

Creativity is Huda’s second name. Her pen is her best friend when her head is in the clouds.

Huda Kamran

UI/UX Developer

All Ahmad needs is a laptop to unleash his inner genius. His creations speak for themselves!

Ahmad Sattar

Graphic Designer

Noor conquers the world with her camera in hand and her trusty pet rooster “Chichi” by her side.

Noor Ul Eimaan

Business Developer

An unlimited supply of tea and books mean a perfect day for Mahnoor!

Mahnoor Shahid

QA Engineer

Meer Balaj

Meer Balaj

Game Developer

Suleman Maqsood

Suleman Maqsood

Game Developer

Musa Sattar

Musa Sattar

3D Designer

Hanan Sattar

Hanan Sattar

Web Developer

Saba Ahmad

Saba Ahmad

Creative Designer